kVASy - DMS: From Document to Process

Utility companies double the amount of documents every two years. Ninety percent of all invoices are still gathered in printed form. The processing and examination of invoices, for example pre-sorting, copying and forwarding, includes multiple manual and time-consuming workflows. Business management studies show that the costs of such workflows comprise from 7 to 25 Euros and take up to 75 % of the productive working time. This very aspect clearly shows the growing importance of content management, that is, of the electronic document processing.

Additionally, if one takes into account the legal bylaws set by the regulating authorities, it appears that revision-proof archiving of documents proves to be a must for each utility company.

The service spectrum of SIV.AG encompasses intelligent data migration and capturing, process-oriented management of automated document processing up to their final revision-proof archiving.

kVASy - DMS powered by EASY SOFTWARE AG offers a solution portfolio, which satisfies exactly the needs of the energy and water distribution markets and is fully integrated into the system kVASy. Twelve process steps from mail receipt to invoice booking can be left out thanks to the workflow components of kVASy - DMS. Therefore, the amortization period of solely 1.65 years brings with it an average time saving of 85% as well as cost reduction up to 70%.

Moreover, a user gains profit from automatic archiving of all outgoing invoices, revision-proof saving of all incoming and outgoing mails in the course of market communication and, if necessary, a complete key wording of all Office documents.


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