kVASy BI – Take the Lead!

Information is derived from data. This knowledge is the basis for decisions or, perhaps, even for new business potential. KVASy BI powered by Oracle stands for a new generation of business process oriented management information systems. Based on the technology stack of the world market leader Oracle, the business intelligence solution of SIV.AG no longer considers only process results, as it is always the case in traditional data warehouse models. It also involves process execution including major key factors and control elements. The aim thereof is a focused monitoring and management of process sequences with regard to business ratios and, in that, sustainable improvement in effectiveness and efficiency.

Based on the 20 years of market expertise of SIV group, the software provider offers preconfigured specialist portals, the advantage of which lies in their immediate availability, focus on the specific needs of the branch as well as short implementation time.

KVASy BI responds actively to results, and it does not require an installation on a PC due to its web-capability, which allows a mobile access and has an appealing, ergonomic and intuitive user interface. The data out of KVASy BI are presented in a user-friendly way, which enables the relevant departments to make quick analyses with high contextual quality.

The solution structures, processes and visualizes business data to allow firm decision-making and flexible company management.


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