kVASy 5

Evolution instead of revolution: Together with our customers we make a smooth long-term transition to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with our new product generation kVASy 5. The change to this architecture paradigm is the basis for the application of state-of-the-art technologies and a precondition for sustainable business process modelling in software systems. This feature allows our users to change operational processes in the future without complex changes of systems or releases. All in all, this means improvement in user-friendliness, flexibility and individualization.

The starting point for the implementation of kVASy 5 is a role-specific process house, in which all processes are precisely mapped up to Level 4. Separate functions are derived according to the modular design principle. The functions can be developed individually in accordance with specific customer requirements, depending on the roles, responsibilities and specifications of each company.

This clear view on processes allows optimized software ergonomics and cross-system integration in a seemingly global application. All this takes place within a context-dependent menu navigation and modern user interface.

The successive changes can already be clearly visible on the user interface and in the portal environment. kVASy 5 has gained an optimized, more user-friendly front end and improved operating comfort. In the coming years, we will functionally transfer our entire system topography into the new world.


We can combine different individual processes and focus on the corresponding market roles stronger than before, keeping in mind the specific requirements set by the customer and the market sector. At the same time, our users will be able to freely configure their individual processes without being compelled to engage with the programmed structure. Company or staff-related workflows can be easily compiled via a mouse click. The workflows are freely definable, independent of maintenance and release in use. Any internal and external applications can communicate with each other in real time without interfaces in this open environment.

In short, kVASy has always been efficient. With kVASy 5 we will be even more agile, flexible and effective. This is an evolutionary leap in business process orientation and individualization.


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