Fully Automated. Integrated. Cost Efficient.

Our software solution kVASy offers a customer-oriented and flexible standard that meets the requirements of constantly changing legislation and provides for smooth functioning of processes. As a fully-integrated ERP system, it links commercial, technical and regulatory perspectives interface-free to a holistic view on the organizational structure and process-organization in your company. This means transparency for the future.

The intelligence lies in the system. If traditional software providers still have to link various data bases together, kVASy® manages it entirely without any breaks in the system. This is the advantage of our long-term product philosophy.

The advantages of our IT solution resulting thereof can be described in a simple and precise way by three key messages:

Leading web-based technology stack as the basis for efficiency
Integrated redundancy-free data capturing as the basis for integrated process viewing
High-performance customer relationship management as the basis for communication on all levels and through all media

One further decisive advantage of the application is a customer-oriented complex interaction of all modules and functionalities.
The development of our product portfolio follows an evolutionary, continuous model and presents itself as a unity of uninterrupted functional development and technological innovation. This applies to the implementation of our standard-setting, web-based multi-level architecture as well as of the actual transition to an entirely new, application-independent and system-open communication world (kVASy 5).

A 19-year-old strategic partnership with Oracle Corporation offers a strong support to the customers of SIV.AG, and whether several thousands or well over a million of counters are billed every month, our users will always benefit from high performance, flexibility or optimal service quality.

Our international practice-proven system is also scalable and applicable in utility companies of all sizes and structures without any restrictions of the billed amount, medium or service.
The tailor-made standard offers solution to all present and future demands on the utility markets.


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