Energy Market

In the view of the increased competitive pressure on the liberalized energy markets, there is a growing need for European utility companies to optimize process cost along the entire supply chain. This is a high standard that demands modelling of sustainable scenarios for purposeful control of resource-saving and energy efficient consumption behaviour. There is a need for the realization of integrated solutions in the interplay of efficiency, security of supply and environmental compatibility. Fully integrated and automated business processes are the key to success independent of your company’s activity field – grid or sales.

Grid Operators

Whether a transmission system operator, distribution network provider or grid operator, you are optimally positioned for the implementation of requirements in compliance with the guidelines of the regulating authorities. An integrated procedure model of SIV.AG combines commercial, technical and regulatory aspects into a holistic view. Profitability and return on investment of grids occupy a central position in the view of incentive regulation and the photographic year 2011. Thereby we cover the branches Grid Utilisation and Asset Management as well as Regulation Management / Compliance and Power Supply Operation.

In order to secure sustainable Asset Management, we offer maintenance management in the spheres of disposition, workforce management and mobility.
We set standards in assets accounting, order management and project management.
Our parallel balancing makes it possible to map simultaneously commercial and tax balance sheets in the system and to maintain them in audit-compliant way. The data
can be directly called up from the application without superfluous, provisional Excel tables with higher validity from the viewpoint of an auditor.

Metering Point Operators / Metering Service Providers

From Smart Meter to Smart Grid – new technologies and solutions for real-time consumption billing confronts energy suppliers and metering point operations with decisive changes to be made. The energy market makes the first step towards digitization with the obligatory installation of intelligent meters. This is an indispensable development, since with the appearance of innovative competitors, necessity to comply with regulatory requirements and the reconstruction of energy grids to decentralized power generation, energy supply companies are to find attainable solutions for the future prospects.

Our integrated eBilling- und Smart-Metering strategy encompasses the entire value-added chain of fully individualized and web-based customer relationship management. The latter includes meter readings, meter data evaluation, automatic billing initiated by meter readings, efficient output management and all consumer-related activities via an Internet portal as well as customer relationship management. The integration and full automation of business processes ranges from intelligent metering solutions to targeted control of consumption behaviour, market transparency, flexible tariffs and monthly billing.


Our high performance solution for suppliers / sales focuses on your most important possession – your customers. We support you in developing customer relationship mechanisms and in raising your income margin.

In various benchmarks we successfully proved, that we achieve top scores in full automation, operation and integration of all communication and billing processes, and that the throughput of over 90% is not anymore a rarity. We support your core processes in the following areas: billing, offer and contract management/ controlling as well as purchase and customer relationship management (CRM).

Keep track per click. kVASy - CRM offers an integrated and company-wide information and management system, which comfortably maps all business processes between companies, current and potential customers, and provides direct access to the entire data pool of the system. The solution enables an integrated view on all customers and their requirements. The advantages of the universal communication hub are effective customer acquisition and instant recognition of potentials as well as sustainable customer satisfaction.


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