Client Portal kVASy®

With our customer portal you can organize perfectly your customer processes - with flexible design options and individualization of process operation. The kVASy-Existing Customer Portal is an online self-service portal enabling end-users to independently view and edit customer data.The customer portal below is a sample and the design is always adjusted to your existing corporate design.

The real-time communication between kVASy and the customer portal takes place through the OC4J-Container, which connects kVASy and the customer portal with the help of process-specific webservices. Each of these webservices makes it possible to read and enter information in the client portal. The mail server integrated in the application sends to the customers confirmation e-mails with standardized text for every change.

The customer portal is fully functional upon delivery and only needs to be prepared by a number of setups and customizations for a productive start.

As a universal communication and information platform, our portals contribute not only to the effective customer service, but they also allow you to attract new customers via the Internet.

Advantages of use of the platform:

  • Fast and solid customer service support and efficient maitenance of Out-Of-Area sales.
  • Significant reduction of process costs when attracting new and servicing the existing customers.
  • Integration of Corporate Design and Corporate Identity
  • Easy maintenance of the portal data using the Content Management System.
  • Individual scope and unlimited expandability

The package "kVASy Customer Portal Existing customers" includes:

  • On-line registration
  • Customer Data View
  • Contract Data View
  • Invoice overview (balance)
  • Input of meter readings
  • Change of customer data
  • Installment’s changes
  • Consumption's history (check up)
  • DMS accounting view
  • Free contact request
  • Changes with CRM documentation


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